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If pray reading was talked about in the Bible- fine. But, it's not. To push this practice just isn't right. It's not going to work for everyone and every personality- and that's ok.

If some people like it, fine. I personally don't- and that's fine too.

My issue is mainly on the practices being forced in a group setting. It caused more harm to me spiritually than it ever helped me!
I think that Ray Graver's book on Pray reading does a good job of presenting the Biblical practice of praying the word. I think it is also telling that LSM has chosen not to publish this book because it does nothing to support the practice as it is done in the LRC. I was there when Ray was researching this book (he was using the library at my University so I saw him on numerous occasions). This took place prior to the practice of "pray reading the ministry".

Shortly after this the plans for Irving center were being made, Ray would be in charge of that, and the "gold bars" would be ready at that time. Publishing the "gold bars" took special printers that we did not have at the time. The "gold bars" were nicknamed that in part because getting the saints to pay $50 to $100 for a recovery version, perhaps several per family, would be a cornerstone to the economic viability of LSM.

Ed Marks was the first to really promote the practice in Houston. This, in my mind, was a marketing ploy. Many saints had copies of the various RV versions in their book bags from trainings, and they had other Bibles perfectly suitable for the meeting. But if you are going to pray read footnotes you have no choice, you have to have the RV to participate and the more expensive $100 one at that.
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