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Originally Posted by Freedom View Post
...will often say things like "you are what you eat." That is hyperbole, however, and it is the context under which they intend to understand the concept of eating Christ.
And yet... Today we know from science that organically speaking, we are in fact, what we eat...

And the same principle is found in spiritual matters...

You even say this in your below speaking...

Originally Posted by Freedom View Post
...He was also clear that to eat Him is to abide in Him, which would suggest a metaphorical view of eating Christ for sustenance/growth. What He never spoke about was eating for the mere sake of constitution - what I would call “eating for the sake of eating.”
But both sustenance and growth are matters/aspects of constitution.

Nothing I have read in WL's ministry says or even suggests that eating Christ is only for the "...sake of eating...".

And more...

There is no such thing as "...eating for the sake of eating...".

Eating has a spontaneous result regarding its effect on the person doing the eating.

A person cannot eat Christ without a result of being both sustained by Christ in doing so and growing by Christ by doing so.

And this from my experience is fairly common understanding among believers who meet as the local church.

Originally Posted by Freedom View Post
...Simply put, LCer have the wrong goal in mind.
Oh Lord...

Is there any end to this nonsense speaking.
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