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Default Re: I was born into the LC in the Cleveland area. Now 22

Originally Posted by Igzy View Post
I don't believe FINDING God is that hard of a challenge. I believe TRUSTING him is a hard challenge. When we call, God is there, always. What challenges us is the (false) sense that, though he is there, he is not doing anything to help us. I.e. WHY HAVE YOU FORSAKEN ME?!

He hasn't forsaken anyone. He is always there, always findable. He just doesn't always do what we want when we want it. Fortunately, we are in good company. Even Jesus asked God why he had forsaken him. God hadn't. Jesus just, at that moment, felt like he had. That's how we feel too sometimes, and THAT is the challenge.
Jesus knew exactly where he was. He wasn't lost. We are the ones who went astray.

Jesus prayed what he did so that scripture might be fulfilled. "It is written".

But it really doesn't matter. My premise here is that I largely don't know what I am doing. So I don't contend for some "truth".

Look at the LC line - what is the focus. "Eat God" - you are the actor, God the object. "Meet on the proper ground" - ditto. "Take the way of recovery" - the same. "Make it" or "be an overcomer" - it is you who struggle to line yourself up with God.

But Jesus already did it. He overcame. Why focus on yourself?

The important thing here is to imagine that you are born into this system of mind control, of hyper-self-focus. "Wow! I'm a God-man! I'm becoming God in life and nature!" Incessantly going to meetings, slavishly imitating the ministry, focusing on the feeling as you shout slogans and pump your fist. Imagine doing this from infancy.
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