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Default Re: I was born into the LC in the Cleveland area. Now 22

Originally Posted by aron View Post
Let me give an example. Last night I was reading John and I realized the translation "Jews" was wrong, as in "the Jews sought to kill him", because Peter was a Jew ans Peter didn't try to kill him. Then I looked at the interlinear Greek and suddenly I realized what was wrong - the Greek says, "Ioudeans". Judeans! It was the Judeans who were trying to kill him! Jesus and the disciples were Galileans, and many of the opposes were Judeans! Duh!
Interesting find, aron. Confirmed by John 7.1, "After these things Jesus walked in Galilee: for he would not walk in Judaea, because the Jews [or Jewish leaders, or Judeans] sought to kill him."

Reminds me of Lee's constant condemnations of Christianity: Just gross characterizations, using a couple bad examples to bash the whole.

So it's no wonder that many LC members find it so difficult to seamlessly transfer to other evangelical churches. Our minds have been polluted with garbage about them. Rotting prejudices fill our brain cells where agape love should have been cultivated to grow.
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