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Default Re: Hanegraaff and the LC-A Plea for Help

Thanks all for the reply.

Since I lived through a portion of the debacle at CRI and I know the majority of players, I am well aware of Hanegraaff’s unethical behavior. For what it may be worth, in terms of bona fides, I also personally knew Bob and Gretchen Passantino along with many others.

Here is what I can help with. I have written up a number of posts detailing some of the past and some of the current situation. You can find them here

Some of you may not know that Paul Young, the chief executive officer for CRI has been a member of the LC since at least 2008/2009. Young details the influence of Lee going back decades. Young and HH are very close with Young making about 140k a year by sitting on the CRI board. HH is also a co-owner of Young’s 4800 sq ft million dollar home in NC. HH’s mansion is far larger at 9200 sq ft. which he bought for 3.1 million.

You may also not be familiar with some of the of the following links.

What I am looking for is something very specific. The following book by HH was set to come out in 2014. The book has all the markings of a coming out of the LC closet announcement. But the book was yanked prior to going to market. It was set to release in China and the US simultaneously. The book is currently being reworked by HH as a book covering his conversion to Orthodoxy.

I can’t find a copy of the book in English, but it is possible it was released or some copies were in China. I want to know if anyone here has contacts there and would know if copies are to be had, even if they are in Chinese.

As to HH sitting in many LSM trainings and such, can anyone here provide documentation?
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