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Default My perspective

I intend to write something more substantial by way of introduction/testimony at some point and have been intending to do so in the proper way but I feel the need now to make at least a statement that might help explain where I'm coming from.

I was "in" the "Local Church" for just 3 and a half years, from Fall of 1985 through Spring of 1989. And that time is actually a little shorter on both ends because although I got saved through them, I did not meet exclusively with them for quite some time, and on the back end, my thinking had already moved past the groupthink by the time I got ejected, which kind of makes sense, I think. Plus, while there, I was never in a meeting (besides a few trainings and conferences) that was more than about a dozen people. They were always small gatherings from day one and there was no back bench.

Moreover, although I've had a Recovery Version of the New Testament virtually from the very start and a full set of the New Testament Green Books from during those days, I was never fully in the program and these Bible tools, while appreciated, were never the same thing to me as they were to so many. (In fact, my Green Books got some roach specks on them during the three years they were in a storage facility! ) So while I understand the wounds of those for whom these things became tools of indoctrination as well as the zeal of those for whom these things remain nearly equal to the word of God itself, by the Lord's mercy, they were never either of those two things to me. I also have never been much of a reader.

I confess that I had already picked up some Local Church germs during those few years and some of the broken human relationships that resulted are still not mended. And I've had to deal with those germs. But some of those ideas, like "clearance of the past" was one I recently considered, some people still hold as a concept in their hearts without questioning it. That one never really caught on for me, even though I did the ritual burning in accordance with approved protocols. But some people are still trying to erase things and forgetfulness is not the eye salve. The whole Bible is mostly a history and the history is still being written.

So, anyways, after a relatively short stay that wasn't very intense and 20 years now on the outside, having been forced out for religious reasons rather than leaving intentionally but with second guessing to contend with, I have a significantly different view from most of the good saints around here.

I continually learn something new in hearing from you about your experiences and exercise to see things from your point of view. So please don't assume that I'm taking a position that is either aligned with or contrary to yours in any of my postings. I've most likely got another take on it altogether and (of course) only mine is the right one.
Let each walk as the Lord has distributed to each, as God has called each, and in this manner I instruct all the assemblies. 1 Cor. 7:17
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