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Default a lttle bit more about me.

Well, the past couple of days on the forum have been interesting, to say the least. Got me thinking about what the heck am I doing here? Maybe I'm not the only one here who has ever asked themselves that question .

When I was younger, it seems like I was a little like a puppy -- if someone was the slightest bit nice to me, I was just so grateful. I am much more secure with myself these days --- a gift from God. I am so lucky that I have really quite a few friends who just really love me. And I love them. And we keep our relationships pretty stress free. That unconditional love that is so precious.

So, I stumbled into these two forums just playing around on line one night while my husband watched baseball (Go Rockies! That's for my husband. I don't care very much. True confession). And I just sort of hung out, mostly curious. Or so I thought.

One day I decided to post, and I thought 'well, I am doing so well. I am really pretty much healed from all that long, long ago LC stuff'. Thus, the moniker finallyprettyokay.

Posted a few times. Read a little more. Pretty soon --- oh my gosh. What was this? Feelings surfacing. All these years later. (We left in 1978).

I have never been part of any sort of internet group of people before. I am now, I guess. Here it is --- I still don't really know what I am doing here, how I am doing this --- if I am doing it right or well, or what the heck I am doing. Most of the time I feel so outclassed and not nearly smart enough. And I actually am pretty smart. You may just have to take my word for it. :rollingeyes2:

And. Here's the real thing I want to share. I know some of you now. I don't mean in any sort of ID way, or we used to be in the same city or anything like that. I mean, from your writing. From my reading.

(Countmeworthy and I did pass in the night, so to speak -- by a year or so. San Diego).

So. there are people here I really like. A bunch of people. I've had some PM time with some of you. And those people are definitely people I like. But, believe me, there are others that have not been PMers with me (yet). And it still amazes me so much. I am so surprized to have cyber people I care about. (I think I'm a little slow --- lots of people discovered this cyber connecting a long time ago. Hey, I'm 56 years old. I'm learning!)

And when my cyber friends have disagreements, I just don't know what to do. There you have it. What am I trying to say? Uhhh ---

Oh, I don't know. Thanks to all of you. You all help me a lot. The LC was an experience that had profound, long reaching effects, for better or for worse. We'll keep trying to make more sense of it here. Thanks.


but not as okay as I thought -----
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