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Default Re: How to help people whose friends and relatives are active members of th

Originally Posted by InChristAlone View Post
My wife has never heard about DayStar, and she believes that the sexual violations are fictitious and fabricated.
Daystar occurred over 40 years ago. It was a business venture in United States with connections to Taiwan. Honestly one local church home meeting I had attended (2010/2011), several brothers older than I were having a hushed discussion about Daystar. I happened to be in earshot.

As for the sexual violations, I refer to the context of Isaiah 5:20. To say it was fabricated is to call two brothers liars who witnessed on separate occasions. If it was fabricated, why did it cause division in the Church in Anaheim. Read John Ingalls' Speaking the Truth In Love. He covers part of it.

What is a fabrication is to say certain brothers were ambitious and wanted to take over the recovery. Sure! That is a favorable explanation to give. However there at least two sides to every story.

One of them told me if he was ambitious, he would have never left. Another one said in regard to the fabricated claim of him wanting to take over the recovery, "who would want that responsibility?"
One phrase I heard about (some, but not all) elders, brothers and sisters who don't want to listen to the other side of the story,

Don't confuse me with facts. My mind is already made up.
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