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Originally Posted by bearbear View Post
Regarding Witness Lee being studied in Greek, here's the zinger you can give your wife:

W. Lee, Elders’ Training Book 4, p. 129. The quote, in context, reads: “In expounding any verse, we would go back directly to the Greek text. We did not study Greek, yet we had dictionaries, lexicons, and concordances to help us in our study.”

taken from:

original quote in Nigel's writings:
"W. Lee was a gifted minister, yet, by his own admission, he was not a trained theologian nor a scholar in biblical languages. “We did not study Greek,” W. Lee acknowledged, but relied instead on secondary sources; “we had dictionaries, lexicons, and concordances to help us,” he continued. No doubt “helpers” assisted W. Lee with the Recovery Version and other publications.

Here's a link on

It's Chapter 11, Section 2 of Elders’ Training Book 4
Bearbear Bearbear (as your new avatar makes me want to call you!), this is good, but be careful knocking Lee on the head too hard with that. The concordance/dictionary approach is actually a very good way to study the bible and get senses and inspirations behind meanings - I use, for example, where a Greek version is very easy to come by, together with Strongs concordance of meanings in all sorts of contexts, it can really shed new light on a verse. (Not to mention how beautiful some things like sound in the Greek, e.g. Lord's Prayer, there is a poetry and rhythm to it which doesn't jump out so much in the English.

That said, I think InChristAlone's comments about his wife believing Lee spoke Greek is something to do with a misdirection and sleight of hand by LC. They always said things like "Lee actually went back to the original Greek" as if he was the first person in 2,000 years to do so. And, for most people there, it sounded impressive. If you have no knowledge of bible history or whatever, then it sounds like "wow, Lee actually went back to the source while nobody else ever has". They dropped that in a lot, as does Lee in his teachings with things like "The word X, in Greek, actually means Y" - it's as though he deliberately took the uncommon definition from the concordance just to demonstrate a little other-wordly knowledge. It's a party trick the way he presents it most of the time - but as I said, there is value in taking this approach.
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