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Default Re: How to help people whose friends and relatives are active members of th

Originally Posted by bearbear View Post

An elder's wife from our locality severely reprimanded her for entertaining the thought of leaving. This of course backfired Hallelujah! The whole time after we left, everyone from the LC tried to get my wife on their side after they realized I was deadset on leaving. But we wouldn't budge because we weren't willing to let go of our newfound freedom, however bad the consequences. I felt we were like the Israelites who were leaving the system of slavery in Egypt, though we lost all our comforts (friendships, relationships etc.), we chose to cherish our freedom more than the things we left behind (unlike most of the Israelites).

I'm thankful for the love and help the saints from the LC showed us during our time there and I wish I could find more ways to appreciate them. I still love the people, but man does it feel like they are enslaved by the system. I wish it could be the other way around sometimes where we are the ones bringing them out of the system and not them trying to bring us back into it.
Bearbear, that happened to my wife too! I guess they thought she was a "pushover."

Another eye-opener was how they treat you once you leave. One elder's wife never would greet me when I would occasionally visit to break bread and see some old friends. Then one day I came with our former moderator and his wife. Everyone loved me, and she was all friendly too. They thought I was bringing "new ones."
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