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Default Re: Nullification of the function of the body members

Thank you for this excellent example, precisely the point I was making. Here is a group that has a wonderful function. Obviously you would not "give credit" to WL for the Lord's move but by noting this as you have you have certainly shown the value of "reviving the function" of the Body, and that "the very open practices" accompanied this revival. Hence, "the very open practices" did not nullify the functions.

What it is that we hate about the LRC is the arrogant attitude associated with the "ground of the church" doctrine and the pathetic way in which it is implemented. Your example illustrates this beautifully. My point is that this doctrine supports a profit motive. It is the doctrine that gives LSM a monopoly and the basis on which the LSM faithful claim their ministry is essential. As a result there is a "standing order" of LSM books which is critical to their financial health. The average saint that I knew in the LRC would have been thrilled to meet and fellowship with other like minded Christians. That is the normal sense of any new believer. However, coming into contact with groups who have a "rich heritage" would undermine WL's status, as a result "the ground of the church" was a critical doctrine for new converts.

My assertion is that if there were no profit motive in the LSM / LRC then their would be no "ground of the church" doctrine. I base this on the extremely poor foundation of this teaching, which we have discussed in other threads. My feeling is that WN and WL had to have seen the error in their teaching within a year or so, and the fact that they didn't implies a willful disregard of the truth. That in turn reminds me of Sinclair Lewis famous line "it is hard for a man to see the truth if his job requires that he doesn't".
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