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Default Re: Nullification of the function of the body members

Originally Posted by Ohio View Post
Anaheim, however, operated under the delusion that all members were dedicated and "functioning" mainly because they had a steady stream of the Recovery's "finest" into their FTTA, and an irregular influx of emigres moving there to "support the ministry." Too bad Lee and Co. never visited the LC's to see the devastating effects of their failed programs.
I mentioned the time I visited of the LC's that I was quite familiar with, about 15 years later. All the 'young ones' were gone; either they had gone to 'the world' or were 'serving full-time' far away. None of them were left in the actual local church where they were grew up.
I still am thankful to the Lord for all the opportunities which I had to speak for the Lord in the meetings.
Same here. I deliberately began this thread mentioning what a positive experience I had there. But I strongly disagree with WL's poor characterization of 'Christianity', which seemed to serve his interests rather than the truth.

The short speakings after the message was another story. Much of that was good, but often it was mere repetition to occupy the time.
As long as your repetion was loud, with clenched fists and/or waving arms, you were "functioning as a member of the body".
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