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Default Re: Nullification of the function of the body members

Originally Posted by aron View Post
My point remains, that these 'functions' in the local churches of Lee were limited to what was delineated by Headquarters. Of course every 'locality' was different, as was the experience of every 'saint', but nonetheless the expectation was that somewhere Witness Lee had written a book or pamphlet about whatever you were doing. The ministry of Lee was a mediatorial agent in your local church life experience.

My example of 'popcorn testimonies' equaling 'functioning' in the meetings was not meant to be exhaustive by any means; it was just one of the more glaring examples, looking back.
There was a big emphasis in the LSM teaching that if you get the function of the 1 talented member then you will reap a big reward. Hence, the focus was on the lowest common denominator, not unlike todays schools.

In and of itself that would still be an admirable goal. The problem was the LRC was very strong to restrict the function of the talented members. No one could publish or start a ministry apart from LSM without being labeled as rebellious, and booted out. So what was taught as a way to get pew sitters to function really became a fig leaf to hide the fact that there was only room for one minister. The function of the saints was stifled with this excuse. I remember back in 1980 we were encouraged to write songs. The saints did, enjoyed them tremendously (singing Ephesians, Colossians, Galatians, etc), many saints got involved and then when it seemed to really take off we were told it was fleshly and it was shut down.

Also, testimonies used to be just that, a personal testimony of an experience of Christ. However, EM and RG pushed quoting RcV footnotes as a "testimony". This was based on 1Cor whenever you come together each one has a..."teaching". What this really did was make it critical for everyone to buy the RcV which was in the process of being published as a complete NT for the first time. This was a great gimmick that made the LSM much more profitable. Coincidentally, this was the exact same time that WL decided to put RG and BP in charge of LSM and JI, etal were removed. So the entire concept of testimonies was hijacked to make merchandise of the saints. It is very difficult for EM or any of that ilk to stand up and give a testimony, but reading a footnote in an animated way as though you just got some great light is easy for them. This made it easy for the Toady to thrive in the LRC. Although I think they are now called elders.
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