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Default Re: Nullification of the function of the body members

Originally Posted by aron View Post
Let me give another example. In my 'locality', one of the elders wanted to give a conference. He had picked out a book from WL which we were going to cover in depth. He had the speakers chosen, with the subjects, and so forth.
Sounds like an experience of mine. In the locality I was meeting with in the mid-90's, similar scenario. The lead elder wanted to take Witness Lee's Life Messages. This was at a time we were having many visitors. Went as far to suggest selected brothers would ask questions on the material covered. Don't know what happened to change our brother's mind, because by the next week it was back to the HWFMR. Quite frankly I was looking forward to taking the Life Messages, because I didn't think very much of HWFMR.
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