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Default Re: Nullification of the function of the body members

Originally Posted by aron View Post
After each message, all the saints would get an opportunity to speak. Often they would only get a minute and somebody would bang a note on the piano if they went over their time. And the 'sharing' was supposed to be just repeating, verbatim if possible, what the co-worker had just said. Often the sharing was simply 2 or 3 saints who would chant a line together from the outline, then say, "amen!" with raised fists and sit down. Is this functioning? A robot could do that, or a tape recorder, which is exactly what we were told to be, more than once. Just enthusiastically repeat the word from Big Brother and sit down.
Just some random thoughts ...

It's too bad none of us could bang notes on the piano when the message was void of anointing.

Some of those "one line testimonies" were quite entertaining.

For some to get one minute after the message to speak is not all bad, Joyce Myers would never be so gracious.

"Functioning" of the members is not just related to how much time one speaks in the meetings.

Trainings slowly replaced conferences. The reason always given was some "chaos" at the Convention Center. One result is that the actual message from the word of God took second place to Witness Lee's speaking.

Witness Lee loved to take the best of the Recovery and compare it to the worst of Christianity and, "see how much better we are."

The "only one man speaking" as is common among Protestant congregations got replaced by the "speaking of one man" which is indicative of Catholic and Orthodox systems.

Robbing the function of the members in the meetings is far less serious than usurping the role of the Head as our unique Mediator with God, and replacing the word of God with the teachings and traditions of man.
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