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Default Re: Comments on The One Publication by Philip van Dijk

This discussion brings to light the LCM's hypocrisy about hierarchies as well.

LCMers love to say the LCM is not a hierarchy and that all hierarchies in the Church are invalid.

But what is their determination of whether a person is in proper relation with God?

It's whether that person is in proper relation to their leadership hierarchy.

If a person submits the leadership hierarchy of the "Recovery" then the group regards him or her as properly in God's move. Only then can any work he or she does be regarded as genuine.

If a person does not submit the leadership hierarchy of the "Recovery", he or she is regarded as out of line with God's move. Even though it might appear God is working through someone not in line with the "Recovery" hierarchy, that person and his or her work are disregarded.

Thus alignment with the LCM leadership hierarchy is their absolute test for spiritual validity, all while claiming they have no hierarchy.

By this standard they define God's move by their leadership hierarchy (something they claim does not even exist). They are effectively one and the same. God's hands are tied. He must go through them. Anything else will be categorically rejected. But since the leader at the top of the hierarchy (Lee) has passed on leaving his words set in stone, no further recovery is even possible. Thus "Recovery" becomes an ironic misnomer.
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