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Default New thread?

Originally Posted by YP0534 View Post
If you moved this one to Mary and Martha's house, I think I would have to ask for permission to visit there for this discussion. I do not think we should ignore this important issue.

But I would like to see this in another thread since, once again again, I'm not sure the Midwestern brothers have really been focused on this particular topic.

Although, I could be mistaken.

I'm not up on all the news from the Midwest.

I know! You could open a thread. Call it "The house of Mary, Martha and Lazrus". Of course, you could call it "Mary, Martha and Lazrus' house, but Lazrus' (possessive) is so clumsy to pronounce.

I see appx. 89 brothers coming this way from the midwest with water balloon launchers in both hands and they don't look like this:

The house of Mary, Martha and Lazrus. Has a nice ring doesn't it? Admin can move the posts as soon as you're ready. After TJ's last post, we've gone to a whole 'nuther level. She's really now.

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