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Default Re: What a Lack of Increase Really Means for the LC

Originally Posted by Trapped View Post
I agree the problems you mentioned (shouting, amen, instrument limits, forced to speak) are a part of it, but I think they are a smaller percentage compared to the harder to swallow problems. The bigger mountains are only reading Witness Lee, putting down other Christians (new ones often have issues with this because it means they are putting down their family), focusing on Witness Lee, not participating in the rest of what Christianity is doing, elitist mindset, restricting themselves to Witness Lee, conforming to outward standards rather than growing through inner transformation, not caring about those who can't repay, following only Witness Lee, and the palpable inability to ask real probing questions and noticing you don't get a straight answer. Did I mention Witness Lee?

But since the co-workers get their status from their proximity to Witness Lee, and they are the ones who set the direction, tone, and content of the churches, it will never change without an outside agent.

All you mentioned, as well as all I mentioned, do fall into the unnecessary category, as you said. They also fall into the legalistic, commandments of men, putting burdens on saints' shoulders, unscriptural, and in some cases, abusive category.

The whole thing is a mess, with some hospitality and lovefeasts frosted on top.
Yes exactly. When you think about who the LC is really catering to, it's just mainly the ones who are really into what the LC has to offer. They get their "7 annual feasts", their ministry books, their up-to-date-speaking, etc. It's really a stretch to think that anyone else could possibly be interested in that, and even moreso to think that people could be coerced into becoming interested in those things. There are even current members who aren't all that into it.
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