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Default Re: What a Lack of Increase Really Means for the LC

Ya know, I think the one thing that hasn't been mentioned on this thread is that the numbers of counted members in all of Christendom has been shrinking for some time. This brings to mind a wonderful little movie we saw a couple years ago called, "All Saints." Anybody see this? It depicts the true story of All Saints Episcopal Church in (of all places) Smyrna, Tenn. It's about a small group of Christians whose numbers had dwindled dramatically over the past couple decades. A brother was sent there from the diocese to close it down, since they could not justify supporting it financially any more.

This is the case with many, many churches, not just the LC, right? Many groups are desperately trying to get their numbers up by all sorts of marketing methods.

Concerning the movie - it really is one of the best Christian movies I've seen - this brother gets a speaking from the Lord not to close it, and the rest of the movie is about what unfolded after that (and not quite what you'd expect). All Saints movie
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