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Default Re: POLL: How do you generally view the LC?

Originally Posted by UntoHim View Post
I'm always a little amused when people use this term "move of God", as if we can make a subjective judgment apart from what is plainly laid before us in the Word of God. All this being said, my rating would be:
CDF - 321

Thanks. I went back and forth and word-smithed the questions numerous times before arriving at the "move of God" phrase. But it seemed to be at least somewhat applicable, hopefully. Is there another term you could suggest that would be more appropriate for this quasi-scientific purpose?

Averaging your ratings together would be a D - 2, which is "A mostly different Christ & gospel" and "Always preached downright heresy." (but probably not completely like that when you first arrived)

May I ask where in TLR you were?
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