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Default Re: What a Lack of Increase Really Means for the LC

Originally Posted by aron View Post
I wish every HS and college student in the LC could read this sentence and stop for 40 seconds and consider its implications. But they're unfortunately under the thrall of hyper-spiritualised love-bombing and have no time for such sober reflections.
Sadly, the ones who are most active in the LC are the ones who fall victim to this. As a church kid, some of my peers could care less about the LC (and left as soon as they could) but there were also some who actually took it seriously and were enthusiastic about it. Some of them were short-terming in the FTTA while on the breaks in college, made every conference and training, you name it.

Ten years later most of these same people were either out or just trying desperately to survive in the LC. With those who did manage to survive, I saw the types of problems they ran into. Some would move a locality, only to find out they weren't needed there, so then a year later they're moving somewhere else. Then the new locality has different issues, so it's on to the next locality.

I think a lot of us could probably point to some period of time in the LC where the environment just seemed intoxicating, there was a lot going on, we felt valued, wanted, etc. Then at some point that stopped. Maybe after moving somewhere else, graduating from college, or whatever else it was. Once all the 'fun' subsides, that's when people begin questioning their involvement. And it's not unreasonable either (I'm not saying the environment has to be fun or exciting). The point here is that if the LC is incapable of meeting someones needs at any given stage in their life, then it ceases to serve any purpose for that person.
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