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Default Re: Open - Interactive Letter to The Co-Workers in The Lord's Recovery

Originally Posted by Raptor View Post
I saw a video on YouTube (canīt find it) about a year ago or so where WL spoke to FTTA trainees. The first part of the video was actually quite good, describing how to go to the word and how to look to the Lord to get light and His shining on the word.

But then around mid-way or so, he changed topics to the matter of how God used one minister in every age to accomplish His move for that age. And he kept talking about it and giving examples, like Noah, etc. Of course he never said I am the MOTA now, but he just put all the pieces there so that you would inevitably come up with that conclusion yourself.

Wish I could find the video.
That's essentially what's going on in The Vision of the Age book too. Lee traces through the "ministers of the age" and then at a certain point says something like "I'm not tooting my own horn here, but....."

And then he paints a nice little portrait of himself as the minister of the age without explicitly stating it.

There are leading brothers who take the stance that Witness Lee was so pure and humble, and it's the blended brothers who have exalted him too far. That one book alone flies in the face of that stance. WL exalted HIMSELF too far.
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