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Default Re: My Confused Adulthood

Originally Posted by Freedom View Post
In retrospect, it seems like the whole issue should have been more obvious. For example, I heard a message where a brother mentioned that he attended the FTTA while WL was still alive and sat in the front row of one of WLs trainings. What would be the purpose in mentioning that? Would it be because the attending the FTTA is viewed as proof that someone is the real deal? Maybe having attended while WL was still alive is considered an even higher achievement. When there are those who boast about such things, the end result is that those who have not done the same thing are automatically excluded. But that is the path that the LC has chosen to take.
"But from those who had a reputation of being something; whatever they were, it meant nothing to me because God does not accept man's person" -- Gal 2.6
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