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Personally, when I left I was confronted with this same matter. In the elders/deacons meeting, I brought up the matter of loyalty to Anaheim vs. Cleveland. I asked some honest but pointed questions like, "who is loyal to the church here? Are we not the church OF the saints?" I was shut down. I was told to apologize to those who heard. Apparently I had "offended the body" while seeking what was best for the church. So I apologized to the other deacons, one by one, and that was my exodus.
Thanks for sharing this with me Brother. I have been praying very much for the Lord’s leading and to have fellowship with a Brother. I was hoping the dear brother I mentioned would be a help to me. Perhaps his pressure is timely, but I am only willing to be moved by one wind (John 3:8). I welcome your fellowship or anyone else reading this, if you feel led to contact me by personal message. I am not at liberty to post my personal experiences, but would like to share with you.
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