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Default Re: After years of indoctrination, I've been enlightened!

Dear InTheKnow,

I helped parent a cousin much younger than myself..... I love him like my own son, and he has grown to be gay as an adult. I have some familiarity with this territory.

So I would like to add to what Trapped has written, (which I think is a fabulous reply). I would like to recommend you become aware of a gentleman by the name of David Kyle Foster.

That is, if your interest is in understanding your bi-sexual feelings as may relate to this man's own journey through homosexuality and faith in God, and the teaching he has developed on this matter.

He is a gentle, lovely, sincere and wise man. I have met him and learned from him over a weekend course once, therefore I am confident to recommend his books and ministry. (They are easily available through just googling his name, as with everything nowadays).

Just thought it might help to put you in touch with a resource out there in the wider Christian world, which expresses God's heart much better than the LC for a start, so might be just what could help you move on from an LC veiw of Christianity, plus help make sense of your feelings as there is some deep understanding there in his ministry.

Hope to hear more of your journey, as and when it might suit you to.
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