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Default Re: The Bridge and Channel of God - The Early Lee

Originally Posted by JJ View Post
I recall reading the first part of Witness Lee’s book The Bridge and Channel of God (based on messages he spoke in Manila in 1953) and being really turned off by it (and the Holy Spirit never let me finish it). Isn’t this book proof “the early Lee” was really no different than “the later Lee”?
Originally Posted by JJ View Post
OK, so I’ve killed off quite a few great discussions with preachy, overly wordy, or nerdy posts but this is a new record, not one response. Too bad, I really wanted to know what others thought about my OP. In fairness to Lee and LSM copyright I was hoping to avoid posting small pieces of this many page book here to get the discussion going.

Is this really a dead topic
I’m attempting to resurrect that is better left dead?
Hi JJ, I think I started this "early Lee -- later Lee" paradigm in an attempt to explain the changes which took place in Lee's ministry. Over time, I realized that both Darby and Nee also also had changes in their ministries in a similar way. The many changes which I used to define this transition could be summarized as a "power grab."

Many posters, however, pushed back on my ideas, including our beloved moderator. How dare I say that WL was ever good? They provided evidence, such as the book you mentioned, to contradict my views. My ideas were developed to help explain why I came here in the first place, i.e. "how could something so good become so bad?"

Admittedly things were not perfect in the beginning, but the blessing of God and the anointing Spirit were definitely present, not because of Lee, but because of His children seeking Him. It's really a shame that Lee tried to take credit for the glory of God, and in doing so, ended up destroying what ever good was there.
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