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Default Re: The Lord is not going to build His church by the method of lying

Originally Posted by Freedom View Post
I think a lot of the problem with the LC is that they are absolutely convinced that they have a special "vision" and purpose. Among those in the LC who are the most dedicated to those supposed ideals, it seems that they are constantly frustrated at the lack of interest in, and opposition to what the LC stands for. They just can't bring themselves to understand why the general public or other Christians could care less about the LC.
They can just tell themselves that others are blinded and haven't seen the truth . . .

Trouble is, of course, the real blinding that's happened is the LC not seeing how prideful and elitist their separating stance is. As has been said on here many times, the big irony is that the teaching that was supposed to be THE practical vehicle for oneness in the body of Christ, has just resulted in a fleshly, loveless division!
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