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Default The Lord is not going to build His church by the method of lying

I don't know whether it's a good intention or not when the leading brothers need to lie or hide things or prevent the members in the lc to know the full reality, but it's definitely wrong because it's an offend to the Holy Spirit when they practice these things in recruiting new members or maintaining current members. There's little liberty within the lc, because they gave you a false impression that they are special, they tell short history of lc, they discourage you to read books from another author.

I felt sad for myself, as I became Chrisitan through the lc, for many years I've been limited my view and options because of their exclusive teachings. Even these leading one really believe what they think what they believe it's the truth they can't just cut off the options and present the reality.

They just can't be honest enough that they are so tiny in the body of Christ, they like to speak like they are the entire body of Christ. They won't tell you how little people actually are using the recovery version bible. They boast to you how the interpretation in the recovery version has been enjoyed by the saints within. They downplay the good fruits produced by other groups. That's why when the saints got hurt or got disappointed in the lc, they seem to lost everything, because of the false perception that the lc is the only and best community to be with.
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