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Default Re: Hebrews - Awesome & Encouraging Book! ("warnings" are not the main focu

Originally Posted by byHismercy View Post
I love the book of Hebrews. Every unbeliever should read Hebrews. Every believer should read it prayerfully. I guess that is every human being...

My thing that I took from Hebrews was the exhortation for us to enter into the rest, that being our rest, Christ. Not to miss entering into this rest. He is the rest. He is our goal. And how wonderful, He is our rest. I know. I'm a tired mommy. I need a lot of rest. :-)
Yes YES YES! This is my big takeaway too!!! He has done it all and given it all to us, and we are simply to be diligent to enter that rest, which He's prepared for us!

The picture of the Children of Israel is so clear - He gave them the land. He said He was with them and would fight for them against the inhabitants. But many did not believe, so they didn't enter the rest that He had prepared for them. God even said that He wouldn't drive out the current heathen inhabitants all at once, because wild beast would then occupy the land. He said it would be little by little, but just move forward and occupy it, and He would always be there for them. (Exodus 23:29 & Duet 7:22)

>>>Real rest is not being a couch potato, but knowing that He has it all handled!<<<
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