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Default Re: Erroneous teaching of Lee concerning natural affection

Originally Posted by aron View Post
And speaking if vitriol, my posts can get caustic at times. I've owned this and apologised and am willing to continue to do so. It's probably intrinsic to the healing process - err and repent.
I've witnessed extreme embitterment within the quarantined sect of the local churches. It's why when I see it here, after a while, it just gets old.

In psychology it's called PTED and two of the main triggers of this is divorce or dismissal.

I wish I could type the magic combination of words to help, but if you don't want help then it doesn't matter what's said or how it's said.

The saying it true; misery loves company and those that struggle with it often look for others like them so they can continue to justify their bitterness. Rather then helping others out of their bitterness, they'll help condition them to stay in that pervasive state of resentment.

You may think that the day the LSM goes up in flames you'll have peace but it won't be there.

I'll be blunt, the reason those in the GLA sect of the local churches are embittered is because they view themselves as victims. Where as I see that episode of LC history as a chance for a fresh start and redemption. Yet the leadership carried over the very same damaging doctrines that Watchman Nee and Witness Lee taught.

Until this is addressed with repentance and forgiveness, the toxic embitterment which permeates their environment won't change and healing won't take place.
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