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Default Re: God doesn't care for right and wrong, only life

Knowledge of good and evil really means having God's level of knowledge of these things.
Several years ago, I heard someone describe it a little differently. It is not that we came to know good and evil (though we did do that), but that we came to rely on our own determination of what is good an evil rather than relying on God's. We rejected God's authority and substituted our own, no matter how closely-aligned we may think the two are.

Oddly, even when we apply what we think we understand of God's determination of good and evil, we tend to begin to judge others in a way that is not consistent with the commandments under which we now live. Specifically we cease to love others. No claim of "tough love" will cover the kind of hate-filled rhetoric that Christians too-often use on "sinners." From abortion, to LGBT, to illegal aliens, to speeders, to anyone not "like me," and on and on.

We may be right about at least some of what we determine to be evil, but for much of it, if there is judgment to be meted-out, it is God's job to do it, not ours. Our job remains to love others as ourselves.

This does not mean that there is no place for any kind of judgement. But for the most part, it would appear that the NT limits that to limited kinds of judgments of our "brother." Those who are of the household of faith. Therefore almost exclusively about the interactions of the saints. Not that actions of the world.

The government is for dealing with everything else. (And if you are part of the government, you may have a part in that.)
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