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I started reading The Economy of God yesterday to see what you meant about chapter 1. WOW! No wonder I had such a hard time trying to read it as a young person. I mean the dude just makes a sweeping statement and doesn't back it up AT ALL.

I'm on chapter 3 now and I just had to laugh at this: "The last verse of 2 Timothy definitely states that Christ is in our spirit. “The Lord be with your spirit” (4:22)."

NOPE it states the Lord is WITH our spirit as plain as day!!!! Do you know prepositions, bro!?!? And every other translation says "with" too. (I'm not commenting on whether or not the Lord is in our spirit.....just that the example for Lee's "definitely states" is then totally not definitely stated). It's amazing how much falls apart when you read his stuff with eyes wide open.
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