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Default Re: Self serving doctrine of Lee

Originally Posted by Ohio View Post
What exactly did he teach you? About ten years after this.
Sorry, I didn't say, did I? He was against it! Reading a book for pleasure was not in the Lords' interests and should not be an activity participated in by believers....I remember sort of the disbelief at hearing his more doctrine which I disregarded, so casually, so foolishly. This brother advocated reading the ministry materials, of course. I don't remember him mentioning the bible at all.

Which, at the time,and still now, doesn't make much sense to me. I mean, I loved and still love reading....fiction, autobiographies, reference, textbooks, horror, just all sorts of stuff. But that never impeded Jesus! His book is the one of value and the only one I trust to guide me in my ways, His gospel reached me when I was searching new age teachings for the truth about God, and His name was announced to me when I asked to know Gods' true name. All the things I was looking into, now I see that stuff as new age...doctrines of our enemy. But He used all of it, He was not impeded by my being under deception. No matter how immersed in the world, worldly friends, worldly pursuits, interests....greater is He who is in me, than he who is in the world!!
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