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Default Re: Self serving doctrine of Lee

Originally Posted by Ohio View Post
Before I left the LC, there were many things about Lee and LSM that I could just not understand, so the Lord led me to study Plymouth Brethren history for several years. Their "open" and objective historians faced the identical dilemmas as many of us were facing in the Midwest. Their history helped me understand our own. And helped me understand Lee. In an uncanny way, some of the same characters and events I was reading about in the 19th century were being duplicated in the 21st century. Amazing! Like the saying goes, those who refuse to learn from history are doomed to repeat it. And we did.

The matter of Friendship. W. Lee called this "natural relationships." Lee's only justification against honey was a wild interpretation of honey spoiling the meal offering (Leviticus 2.11).
In II Timothy 3.1-5 (Apostle Paul's last writing), he addressed the situation among Christians, not the unsaved. Read this detailed description. It sounds exactly like the LC's I left. "Without natural affection" is just one of the many items included. Yet these same ones at LSM will jump up and down and proclaim their "oneness" and their "brotherly love." How can this be? They are blinded with pride. So sad.
Ohio, today I will look at llTim and try to find EB history, does anyone have a link?
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