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Default Re: Self serving doctrine of Lee

Originally Posted by Trapped View Post
I never really thought much about this side, but in considering why someone in Lee’s position would promulgate this thought, I can see that if there are no “natural friendships” then there are less likely to be honest conversations between saints where dissatisfaction or their true feelings are expressed. This way opinions, thoughts, ideas cannot be brought up because it is “soulish”.
Great observation and evaluation Trapped! You pretty much nailed the Local Church of Witness Lee that most of us are familiar with. Witness Lee discouraged almost every natural, close human relationship. Why? Well you keenly hit upon the main reason - You see, close friends and family care about you, and naturally want to know and understand why you would want to spend all your waking hours reading, listening to or watching someone like Witness Lee. Why would an American young person want to dress, speak and act like a 70 year old Chinese fellow? Why would they blow off their mother's Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner with family (and leave her crying and hurt), and instead go sit inside a meeting hall day and night listening to the mysterious teachings of this religious guru?

You have provided the explanation of this phenomenon/dynamic in the Local Church. Of course nearly all current Local Church members will poo poo and dismiss what you experienced first hand, and usually claim you are just "bitter" or "ambitious for a position" or "poisoned" and other such garbage. Thank God that you have made your way out of this system of error which has inflicted so much damage on untold numbers of American young people over the years. May He continue to enlighten the eyes of your heart and understanding!

Unto Him be glory in the church by Christ Jesus throughout all ages, world without end. Amen. (Ephesians 3:21)
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