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Default Self serving doctrine of Lee

Hi saints,

I would like to open a discussion about doctrines we were given via WL which are questionable and what I now see as self serving. There is one in particular that I have in mind, but if anyone has others, please include those as well.

To start, is their teaching against friendship. When I first heard this I was very young, very new christian, and my spirit REJECTED this teaching immediately. I did not understand at that time how much those around me believed into every word that proceeds from the 'mouth of the oracle'....I don't understand how or why they see friendship as a major negative, where this teaching comes from in scripture, if they have any scriptural basis for this at all, and I would love to hear other believers genuine opinion on this teaching.

It seems like this doctrine comes out of thin air, and my question is, does anybody else suspect this is perpetuated to serve the function of cutting saints off from each other quickly and without feeling, if one is perceived as 'negative' towards Lee? Does it serve the divisions practiced by LCers....and could Lee really be that nefarious? Am I way off base, here?

The scripture that comes to me is about the last days....the Lord said they would be without natural affection. This, to me, is a refutation of such a teaching....

Recently, a LC sister whom I had regarded as a very dear friend, one who had cut us off months ago, came back, claiming to be completely open to fellowship, with one caveat, that I not speak anything 'negative' about her beliefs, that I close my mouth and remain silent on all points regarding questionable doctrine. I was unable to submit to her conditions for fellowship. Actually, I'm pretty sure she didn't hear anything negative since she simply shouted my name in a threatening tone throughout the entire conversation....she was one who promptly cut me off after I disagreed with the Lee teaching contrary to friendship, and declared, that we were, in fact friends! Her disdain for this concept was abundantly clear in our recent conversation, if it could be called a conversation. Conversation implies two people speaking and hearing one another. That didn't happen. I am so blown away at the fact that I never saw this attitude until I had a disagreement with Lee....then the dam broke, so to speak.

Why do they view friendship as natural, and do they really equate it with the flesh, which in turn is Satan?

Anyone for it or against it...and scriptural support would be much appreciated! Thanks in advance...
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