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Default Re: Lee's errorous teaching concerns being in spirit and out of mind.

Originally Posted by Drake View Post
Such saber-rattling!

Witness Lee was NOT infallible ... stop pretending that I think he was. You are misrepresenting me and attempting to goad me into adopting your personal obsession.

Stop playing the entrapment game. No wonder this forum has dwindled to a handful.... you asked why so few current local church members participate. Your answer lies there.... few are willing to put up with the uncivil behavior, and nonsense, and twisting. Do you talk to people with whom you differ like that in person face to face? Or is an online forum just a convenient way to distance yourself from civility because you don’t have to look them in the eye.

Now, back to the bones....

I gave two examples closely related to the ministry and Brother Lee, I gave one example from a blended brother... and I gave one first hand experience ... if those aren’t sufficient bones for you then you and your fellows are free to continue your daily digging through the garbage and pick out and admire your own bones. That is largely what this forum is about.. ... dem bones, dem bones... looky here, here’s another... hey y’all I found over here, come look!

Saber-rattling? Drake, do you feel that threatened when asked a simple question?

"Witness Lee was NOT infallible," did you say that? What have we been trying to tell you?

I find this whole "messy kitchen" analogy with "don't eat the bones" exhortations by Lee and the Blendeds totally disingenuous. Witness Lee demanded extensive far-reaching mercy for him and his ministry, yet he provided no such mercy at all to any others out there in the greater body of Christ. What did Jesus say, "With what judgment you judge ..."? (Mt 7.2)

Lee and cadre jumped up and down at every ministry scandal in Christianity. I could never forget the mocking condemnations of the Bakkers during the "New Way" of the 1980's. I learned about this on my way to Taipei for the FTTT. Sitting next to co-worker CJ on the long flight across the Pacific, I heard about how pure and upright the ministry of WL was, deserving of our whole life and heart and service. I was completely "on board" in those days.

Let me tell you what was really going on behind closed doors at LSM at the same time. Philip Lee was molesting the office staff and abusing every other leader in the LCM, bringing them under forced subjection and humiliation. (Read the accounts of Ingalls, So, Mallon, Unger, Wang, etc., all of the so-called conspirators.) This level of corruption at LSM does not even rise to the level of "organic chicken bones." This was salmonella poisoning of the worst kind. As soon as long-time devoted LC members learned of this corruption, they immediately got sick and "poisoned." Learning the truth about LSM will do that to you.
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