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Default Re: Lee's errorous teaching concerns being in spirit and out of mind.

Originally Posted by Ohio View Post
Right! Just like the Catholic Church. Same service all over the world.
Yes, and Drake thinks it is nice. So what's the problem? Uniformity and conformity - how is this not "life and godliness" per 2 Peter 1:3?

Well, how about visiting widows and orphans? The FTTA trainer told us "don't waste your time". Just read this week's HWFMR and you'll have everything you need. Witness Lee did all the work for you.

Those who try to think for themselves are discouraged and if they persist they're ostracized as being "ambitious and divisive and rebellious".
"Freedom is free. It's slavery that's so horribly expensive" - Colonel Templeton, ret., of the 12th Scottish Highlanders, the 'Black Fusiliers'
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