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Originally Posted by Koinonia View Post
In some sense, all of this is true. Most LC members love the Lord and are very well-intentioned. But try sharing someone from a book or author other than WL and see what happens. As a newbie, you will probably get away with it--until you don't.
This is well stated, and matches my experience. Get in line - stay in line. Even if you say something wildly off, you'll usually get an Amen, as long it is clear you've bought in to the tribe.

I remember the response after a brother said that he felt burdened to share Christ with others, that Witness Lee didn't matter. I was probably the only one nodding along, while the other wrang their hands, waiting for the awkwardness to end. I don't think he got any "Amens".

On a similar note, Drake mentioned "Still, no one is obligated to pray read the Scripture or call on the Lord. If one doesn't like it don't do it is my opinion."

Drakes comment is the general response you'll get if you really press into it. But practically, that doesn't tell the whole story. The brothers taught pray reading during Sunday meetings, so brothers also taught it in home meetings, then brothers practiced it during "fellowship". So while we're not "obligated" it is an expectation - if you want approval - get in line - stay in line.

One meeting a sister began to share in a Sunday meeting about how it turned her off that all the saints spoke with the same tone and cadence - as she continued, the room fell silent. I'm sure the elders shifted towards the front of their seats, while others sat by holding their breath, sheepishly waiting for it all to be over. As she continued to talk, the air cleared as the saints collectively took their much needed breath. She was OK with it! Amen, Lord Jesus! All was right again with the world and the next person could share their portion.
Trust in the LORD with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding.
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