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Default Re: Why don't Current LC Post Here?

Originally Posted by UntoHim View Post
I wanted to bring this post back to the forefront. I'm hoping Koinonia and others out there might expand upon what he has posted here. God knows that I've always hoped and prayed that this could actually become "a supportive online community" of sorts.
UntoHim, it seems like what you intended to be a neutral discussion forum has turned into a local church bashing forum (see the "I'm confused....." post). Currently, a local church member may be attracted to the forum as it seems to represent local church discussion, but find it is local church bashing instead. So I think another section that is more friendly towards the local church may be a good idea. Or perhaps a variety of forums that cater for the various degrees of congeniality or animosity towards the local churches. This would "average out" all the various points of view and move it towards a more moderate and neutral online forum I think. I do not think it has to be moderated by a current local church member. Just someone who has some positive local church experiences and can relate to current members (not someone who was only there for a few weeks and left because they thought it was weird).
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