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Default Re: Fooling the gate-keepers

Originally Posted by awareness View Post
The history of "The Orthodoxy" makes me cringe. That's because it's been so hard headed in the face of facts, and has been proven wrong by science over and over again. Orthodoxy means "right belief" which by its very nature resists change.

... in religious matters The Orthodoxy is still the same bull-headed bunch they've always been. They alone have the "right beliefs."
I understand your criticism, but I still maintain that the gate-keepers are the necessary link to history. Yes, they are reactive, and yes they are often wrong, but without them, we'd be lost to our imagination. Watchman Nee got caught by a bad idea, and it infected Witness Lee and many others. The arbiters of Orthodoxy are the defensive line against those infections.

The purveyors of non-orthodox novelty typically use a "poison pill" to get by the gate-keepers. Something that will allow the idea to survive past the critical point of scrutiny, and be accepted as valid, i.e. part of the divine revelation. In other words, the non-orthodox revelation contains within itself a code which separates itself from examination. In the case of Nee and the "local ground", the idea was to separate from "fallen" and "degraded" Christianity; thus the recipients of the idea were divorced from the protection of the gate-keepers and now could be led astray. The idea of a local ground for the assembly became the vector to separate the sheep, and once separated, the purveyors of non-orthodox novelty could then reverse field, declare the "Jerusalem principle", that all assemblies must report to HQ, with Witness Lee later declaring that all assemblies must be "exactly identical"... the local ground idea was the means whereby the sheep could be separated and then abused.

The gate-keepers are the followers of Jesus, who like the writer of the epistle to the Hebrews left the camp (13:13) of those who wouldn't accept Jesus as the Messiah. Jesus presented a novel interpretation of the scriptures, that He Himself was the promised Messiah, who would not only rescue the Jews but would gather into one all who would believe into His name. The gate-keepers are necessary to maintain this new camp of Jesus. They are the arbiters of what is "in" and what is "out". If you don't heed them, you will find yourself a Mormon, with a Mormon wife and Mormon kids and a Mormon church life and a Mormon-related job. Once the red flags start waving frantically in your head, it's too late. You got sucked in. (Or some other group - I just use Mormons as my non-orthodox poster child).
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