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Default Re: Fooling the gate-keepers

Originally Posted by aron View Post
There is always a tension between those who defend the orthodoxy and those who think independently
The history of "The Orthodoxy" makes me cringe. That's because it's been so hard headed in the face of facts, and has been proven wrong by science over and over again. Orthodoxy means "right belief" which by its very nature resists change.

What "The Orthodoxy" is has changed thru the Christian centuries, but whatever form it's taken it's always been a big drag on science and change, and persecutors of those that differ from their "right belief."

However, the current The Orthodoxy has been burned by science so many times that it now seeks to get in front of science, such as the recent encyclical on climate change.

But in religious matters The Orthodoxy is still the same bull-headed bunch they've always been. They alone have the "right beliefs."

In that regard Witness Lee had his own orthodoxy. Cuz only he had the "right beliefs," and all the rest of Christianity did not. And you were not allowed to remain in his movement unless you held his right beliefs.

But his orthodoxy was outside traditional orthodoxy, and many, maybe only some in the end, left Lee's orthodoxy to go back to the long standing tried and true orthodoxy.

But some that have left Lee's orthodoxy, that I know personally, including myself, have left orthodoxy altogether.

Now I and they cringe at the idea of orthodoxy, but any tension because of it is only on the part of the orthodox.
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