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Default Re: Christian Research Institute - Hank Hanegraaff

Simultaneously released in China and the United States, this revolutionary book brings into view a fresh expression of authentic New Testament Christianity, unencumbered by westernized cultural trappings. The Authentic Christian Life lovingly moves us from doctrine to intimacy with the living God.

Drawing from multiple experiences with persecuted Christians in China, Hanegraaff radically rethinks what it means to live the authentic Christian life. Inspired by Watchman Nee's classic, multi-million bestseller, The Normal Christian Life (1957).
As I mentioned in my previous post, it seems that something about Hank's interaction with the LC resulted in a dramatic shift in his views. Apparently, he was affected by what he saw in China. So just exactly what did he see in China? My guess is that he saw (or felt a sense of guilt for) something related to the persecution that LC members had to endure. Based on what was written in the CRI journal on the LCM, it seems the CRI equated the "persecuted church" with being a 'purer' form of Christianity than the various expressions seen in places like America.

It is, of course, a big fallacy for anyone to assume that enduring persecution validates what a group believes. But it's exactly what the Hank/CRI did in attempt support/defend the LCM. Don't get my wrong, I don't intend to make light of what people have had to suffer, but to throw persecution into the equation is deceptive and misdirects focus from the real issues. Whether or not a group of Christians has been persecuted plays no part in assessing the validity or accuracy of what they believe/practice.

The LCM in China has been characterized by Hank as a group who is "unencumbered by westernized cultural trappings," as if such a characteristic actually means anything. Notice how nothing is mentioned about easternized cultural trappings. Obviously groups in America like the LCM are nowhere near as common as groups that actually formed here, but just because they don't have western roots doesn't mean that they exist as groups without any kind of cultural element to them. There are plenty of groups that formed in the absence of western culture, such as groups like the Eastern Orthodox Church which Hank recently joined.
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