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Default Re: I need a church life that isn't led astray!!!

Originally Posted by UntoHim View Post
Touche, Harold, touche! Still off topic!

Let's get back to "I need a church life that isn't led astray!!!".
And what a topic this is - a real cry of the heart I think! But it's similar to what a couple of us posted today on another thread - trying to find something with humans involved and without warts --> well good luck with that!

Look, I am most blessed (and sometimes even made to realize it) - to be involved with a group these past 20 years that far exceeds my expectations. He has, without doubt, placed me here - the bulls-eye was drawn for me on Scottsdale before I was born. I am convinced of that. So until He specifically tells me to go somewhere else, "This is my rest forever, here will I dwell . . ."

Can I be so bold as to wish that the rest of the body of Christ could experience what we have here? Yes, I do wish that. The best of the so-called Recovery without most of the warts. Thanks be to God!! "It's nothing I do, His mercy's just upon me. And God's free gift of grace, becomes an endless joy to me."
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