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Default Re: Intro of an ex "Church Kid"

Originally Posted by aron View Post
I'll see you and I'll raise you one. Not only is the Bible freely available in various forms but the surrounding literature as well. For instance, the Dead Sea Scrolls open up a window to the messianic expectations of a separatist sect called the Essenes. When John the Baptist came out of the desert preaching repentance, he greeted the religious ones coming from Jerusalem with epithets. Clearly there's a back story here.

Witness Lee famously told us that he hadn't learned anything from anyone for 45 years. For those coming out of the LC/LR, there's some catching up to do!

Of course there are a lot of flakes out there, a lot of proverbial chaff. But with the internet one can sort through things fairly quickly. We have resources available that were undreamed of 30 years ago.
Anyway, those growing up in the LC have a ton of catching up to do. They followed only one voice, Lee's. That leaves 'em incredibly short on christian matters.

Google and Wikipedia are just starting off points. And so is the opening up of their minds. After growing up with closed minds, that ain't easy.

May the Lord of all knowledge be with them. And thanks to Him for the abundance of the internet. We wouldn't be here without it.
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