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Default Re: I need a church life that isn't led astray!!!

Originally Posted by byHismercy View Post
The reformed position takes scripture and its' interpretation makes so much sense sometimes. One problem I have with it, though is it doesn't align God with His will for us all. He desires that NONE should perish. But then He somehow changed into a god who chooses some but not the rest....leaving them to perish for eternity? I cannot believe our righteous Lord would create us with the foreknowledge....yes, the intention....of letting most of them suffer hell, forever. To say He alone chooses is to say He doesn't love us all. It is to say that He didn't die for all. Which is verbatim what I was told in the reformed assembly the other day. ``We believe He didn't die for everybody! Only His elect!" This god breaks my heart. And does not seem to match His own word?? byHismercy
This raises a host of great questions.

1. Do you believe that some people created by God will be cast into the Lake of Fire? After all that is what the Bible says.

2. Do you believe that God is omniscient? If so He had to have foreseen this.

3. Do you believe that all things came into being through Him and apart from Him nothing has come into being that exists? If so He created this person knowing the outcome. Even so God can still desire that all men be saved. That very fact suggests how difficult that is and even that it is very likely not going to happen.

4. However, if you believe all the previous Bible verses, then you can also believe that "all things work together for good to those who love God and are called according to purpose".

5. Of course the most difficult question is how to reconcile a God in whom is no darkness, for whom it is impossible to lie, how can this God create creatures who are evil, filled with darkness and lie. That question has been deemed unsuitable for this forum, but you can find a very lengthy discussion on it on the "alternative views" under the thread "the problem of evil".
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