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Default Re: I need a church life that isn't led astray!!!

Originally Posted by Jo S View Post
I understand that Mormon theology is out there, I don't argue with that. But to someone outside of the LC's, their theology can look the same way. It's all a matter of perspective.

At it's core, becoming "God-men" isn't much different from what Mormonism teaches aside from perhaps being a bit less colorful in it's presentation. So where exactly is the edge? Both groups can effectively defend their positions with scripture. Is the edge merely subjective or is extra biblical revelation itself the edge, no matter the form?

The Mormons have a 100 year head start so they are definitely further down the cliff but I believe both fell off as soon as they embraced unique revelation..
I've already mentioned the incongruity of the LC lauding WN for sifting through thousands of different Christian books and forming a coherent and balanced view, and we can't do the same with his writings and WL? Why can't local assemblies both affirm and critique these authors? When we can only affirm, we're pushing their writings dangerously close to that of scripture. Especially when their output (WL) holds scripture as being "fallen" and "natural". I went into this in some depth in the 'Psalms' thread.

The question of, Where does one draw the line, has a subjective element. In my case, I make every effort to fellowship with believers of every type and stripe, knowing full well that where they're short of the mark I may be doubly so. Every failure is an opportunity to show mercy. But on the other hand there's this little word called 'truth' and we should not indulge someone's illogic merely to be polite and get along.

Paul said that everyone has a psalm, a revelation, a tongue or interpretation. But this is not 'adding to scripture' because it may be amended by others. My interpretation may balance your revelation. But the Book of Mormon doesn't allow that. What of, Science and Health by MBE? I've never read it but it seems to be in the Untouchable class by her followers. And the writings of WN & WL in the LC come perilously close as well.
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