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Default Re: I need a church life that isn't led astray!!!

Originally Posted by Kevin View Post
.. in my position on total depravity I've indicated that man's will is bound by its nature. Which is why it cannot do the opposite of its own nature, such as submit to the law of God...Compatibilism allows us to correctly connect man's will with God's sovereignty hence soft determinism in making these two seemingly opposite entities compatible.
But Jesus was a man who was not in total depravity and it is in this man that we hope, not in ourselves. I see him choosing the Father's will and I choose him.

Then we come to the question of "nature"... Jesus the Son of Man submitted to the law of God. "I come to do Thy will, o God, behold in the scroll of the book it is written concerning me". Jesus chose to believe that the scroll of the book was written concerning him, and he walked accordingly, and God raised him from the dead and gave him glory.

To me, the salient issue here is not "nature" but "walk". Words are words, but it is my conduct that will prove the issue. It is not a debate that I can "win" in a Calvinist assembly, or any other. I confess Jesus Christ as Lord - now where is my walk? How I interact in the assemblies, some of whom may be stuck in various abstractions like "oneness" and "local ground" (for example) - that will prove of what sort I am. If we show mercy to others, God will show mercy to us.

My point is that the "degradation of the church" is an opportunity for us to show mercy, and love. Outreach is not only to the unbelievers but also to those of the household of faith.
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