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Default Re: I need a church life that isn't led astray!!!

Originally Posted by byHismercy View Post
Am I the stupid penguin in this analogy? If so, I forgive you. :-)
Wait, which one?
No. I don't mean to refer yourself in that analogy. It's just for fun that I myself am fond of reformed memes. But seriously, I don't wanna argue to push this further because of the maligned stereotype that Calvinists are just mean robust geek jerks.

I suspect a lot of people get turned off from Calvinism because of Calvinists. If you’ve been burned by us, I’m sorry. If you’ve been put off by what Calvinism teaches because you’ve seen how some Calvinists speak and act, then I understand. Calvinists like me get a rush of adrenaline over winning an argument or justifying our beliefs, and we tend to forget about loving our brothers and sisters who have also been justified by Christ. And that’s wrong.

But honestly, I don't wear badges. I find Calvin, Luther, Wesley, and Tozer helpful men. I aim to read the Scriptures faithfully. I find that people make assumptions about labels.
If there is anything that the people of our day need to realize, it is these very words of Jonah, simple yet neglected: “Salvation is of the LORD.”
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