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Default Re: I need a church life that isn't led astray!!!

Originally Posted by byHismercy View Post
We visited there last weekend and I had really good feelings and I even wonder if this is the Lords' choice for us....but discovered they are reformed which I have questions about. I spoke to the pastors wife and she was open and sweet and let me know they believe that God did not die for everybody, only His elect. And one of their positions is holding to the faith that we have no free will in coming to Christ but rather only those elect will come to faith in Him.

So many sweet things there.
A reverence for the Lord, the pastor is awesome and diligent to know the word, they obviously cherish Gods' word, their position on all other points align with the word as much as I can see.

I fear taking my kids into the same ol' same ol' direction where a deviation from scripture leads to wrong believing, wrong thinking, wrong actions. I mean, we all have seen it play out. There is a real and legitimate danger. And I believe when scripture said a little leaven leavens the whole lump He was warning us about leavened doctrine....and maybe other kinds of leaven that I do not see yet.....

Please, brothers and sisters, what is your take? Where is the assembly without error?? I cannot seem to find them....I asked the Lord to choose the assembly, to take me to it. Please what would you do?


"Reformed" usually refers to the teachings of John Calvin, who tended to be extreme regarding predestination. For modern day churches, it basically provides safe "boundaries" for them to remain in the orthodoxy of the scripture. Whether reformation, restoration, reformed, recovered, catholic, pentecostal, baptist, wesleyan, etc. its almost impossible to find a congregation which does not have some ties to past movements. Each of these also brings certain traditions of worship and practice. But it really comes down to the people and their heart for the Lord. As others have said, no church will be perfect. Regarding free will, do they preach the gospel?

I left the LC, not so much because of "errant" teachings at LSM, as you said "leaven," but because they hurt and abuse people. Then they cover up their unrighteousness by smearing those who resist while trying to protect the saints. It was a downward spiral in the recovery -- bad practices produced bad teachings which produced worse practices and worse teachings. Their road had no guardrails. There were none to provide healthy checks or balance.

I would encourage you to stay. Focus on the positive -- faith, hope, and love. Remember, there would be no epistles in the N.T. unless all the churches had "issues." The Lord is faithful to purge each assembly. The "Son of Man" walks in their midst. The real downfall in the recovery was rejecting the Lord's speaking, replacing it with Lee's. The Lord came to them often, but they shut Him out.

Pray much and seek the Lord. If necessary, ask the elders about "troublesome" teachings. A healthy response will tell you much about them.
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